Floor Mounted Air-Conditioning

A simple, stylish and effective air-conditioning solution!

Why Choose A Floor Mounted Air-Conditioner?

A floor standing air-conditioner is just like a high wall mounted reverse cycle air-conditioning system, only this system is installed against the wall at ground level. These units are the perfect solution for providing cooling or heating to one room.

Ranging from 2.5kW to 6.0kW, these systems have been created with the latest energy saving technology and designed to suit many types of interiors.

How Do These Systems Work?

A floor mounted air-conditioner consists of:

  • An Indoor Unit
  • An Outdoor Unit
  • A Controller

The indoor and outdoor unit are connected together by pipes and wires. These systems use refrigerant and this is contained within the unit to absorb unwanted heat from a room which is then pumped through a series of pipes to the outside coil. A fan is used to blow ambient air over this hot coil that contains the refrigerant, transferring the heat from the refrigerant to the outdoor air. The refrigerant is then pumped back to the indoor and the process begins all over again. Once the heat is removed, only cool air remains to be blown back into the room therefore means cooling the indoor area further. When the system is switched to heating, the process is reversed to produce warm air.

Control Your Air-Conditioner At Your Finger Tips!

Control and monitor your air-conditioner from anywhere at anytime with the additional Wi-Fi Adaptor!