Pellet Heaters

Reaching new levels of comfort and warmth!

Why Choose A Pellet Heater?

Have you ever wanted a heating system which provides just as much heat and comfort as a wood fire without the cost and hard work required for sourcing wood? A Piazzetta Pellet Heater is the perfect solution! However, if you prefer wood, that’s no problem because Piazzetta has models which are suitable for wood and also gas! These systems are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours. 

Benefits of having a Piazzetta heating system:

  • Economical – Maximum efficiency with minimum emissions. Rigorous testing by Piazzetta ensures that their products offer excellent heat output, low consumption and reduced rates emissions. These systems also have an economical function, the power level and the intensity of the flame vary automatically when the set room temperature has been reached avoiding unnecessary use of power.
  • Structure & Safety – Steel stove body, cast-iron baffle plate, grate and front grille plus removable ash pan. The cast-iron door with metal-clad gasket is suited for high temperatures with self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750o These systems have state of the art safety technology providing you with peace of mind.
  • Programming & Remote Control – This system is controlled at your fingertips. The temperature, fan speed, timer and flame intensity can be controlled via a controller. A standard fitting timer thermostat offering daily, weekly and weekend programming with dual time settings.
  • Humidifier – With the stainless steel humidifier, you can obtain the ideal degree of humidity. To increase the feeling of well-being, add your favourite aromatic oil to the water. (Not available in all models)

 How Do These Systems Work?

A Pellet Heater runs off hardwood pellets which are stored in a pellet hopper inside the heater. A screw like auger intermittently dispenses pellets from the hopper into the burn pot to feed the flame. Sensors in the system monitor the fuel system and when a new pellet is required, the sensor will notify the auger. It will release the number of pellets required to keep the fire burning at the designated setting.

The system is plugged into a power point and once the pellets have reached the burn chamber the system will self-ignite to produce a flame. Pellet Heaters are fitted with a cross-flow fan which induces convective airflows and therefore distributes the heat accumulated in the internal exchanger more quickly and effectively throughout the entire room. In no time at all, your home is filled with blissful cosy warmth!

An advanced electronic card constantly controls the fan speed for circulating hot air in relation to the power level at which the heater is operating and the set room temperature.

Operation Made Easy

Most models are controlled via the simple Piazzetta remote. Controlling the system has been made easy with the optional extra of Wi-Fi Control! This enables you to control your system anywhere at any time.