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Maintaining your cooling / heating system has never been more important! 

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The Importance Of Maintaining Your Cooling / Heating System

It is important that you regularly clean your cooling / heating system as this not only helps achieve good air quality but it will decrease the risk of any major problems occurring with the unit and can ultimately save you money!

A significant component in your cooling / heating system is the filter. The filter is designed to catch dust and other pollutants and if not cleaned regularly it will become blocked and may even produce mould which is not good for you or the system. It is also likely that your electricity bill will rise if you have a clogged filter as the system will work a lot harder then normal to try and suck the air through the filter.

Featured below are instructions on cleaning your filter if you have a ducted or wall mount split system along with advice on temperature settings.


Ducted Systems

The filter for your system is found in your Return Air (RA) Grille which can be found in the ceiling, in the side of a wall or mounted into the floor. Open this grille and take out the filter in the frame. It is recommended that you wash the filter in warm soapy water and leave it to air dry in the sun for the day. Install the filter back into the grille only once it is completely dry. You can also try brushing the filter material or vacuuming but be careful not to suck the material up! 

If your material is starting to wear and tear it is time to replace! Contact us to replace your filter.

Wall Mount Split Air-Conditioning Systems

The filter for your system is located inside the indoor unit. Lift the front cover off of your air-conditioning system and you will see the filter which can be removed. With these filters, it is easy to clean them by giving them a brush or vacuum.

Temperature Control

Keep a close eye on what you have your temperature set on for your air-conditioning system. As a rule, you should set the temperature on your air-conditioning system so that it has an 8 degree temperature difference from outside to avoid over usage of the system. For example, if it is 35 degrees outside, you should set your controller to 27 degrees.

Need A Professional Service?

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