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Regular Servicing Has Never Been More Important!

From the devastating fires at the start of 2020 to the horrible Coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has really opened our eyes and has made us pay attention to the things we do, the people we see and the air that we breathe! Cleaning and maintaining your air-conditioner has always been important but in these times more then ever! 

Benefits Of Regular Maintenance

A dirty system is the perfect breeding ground for mold, fungi, bacteria and other germs. Each time the unit is turned on, these particles blow out into the room and contaminate the air. This is not good for you, your family or your home. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the system is crucial for clean and quality air.

Having a clean, regularly serviced system reduces and potentially eliminates dirt and other particles built up in the unit which results in a clean, efficient and effective operation each use! 

When a system is dirty, the unit is working a lot harder to push air out and get that air to the desired temperature, this results in the system using more electricity meaning higher energy bills. A clean system reduces the unit’s need to work harder saving you money!

Costly repairs or replacements are likely to be required for air-conditioning systems which are in poor condition and have been left in this state for a long period of time. Having your air-conditioner cleaned and checked regularly by an expert is significantly important to maintain a clean, trouble free operation each use and to also detect any problems before they become major!

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How You Can Regularly Maintain Your System

The most important thing you can do is keep your filters clean! Filters are responsible for catching dust and other pollutants such as pet hair which can be blown around in the air when your cooling / heating system is turned on. Basically, the air is blown out of the unit into the room, this air is then filtered back to the system via the filters. Dirty filters make this process a lot harder and decreases the quality of the air. Below are instructions on how to clean your filters for wall mount split systems and for ducted systems along with other maintenance and checks you can do – 

Wall Mount Split Systems

Cleaning Filters

  1. Ensure the system is turned off.
  2. Pop open the plastic cover of your indoor unit.
  3. Remove the filters.
  4. Take the filters outside for a good brush. You can even vacuum these filters using a dusting brush head if you  have one.


If the filters are really dirty, you can wash them in warm soapy water then rinse clean. Leave the filters out to dry completely before putting them back in the unit.

Other Maintenance / Checks You Can Do

  • Clean the panels and louvres of your indoor unit with a cloth (make sure the system is turned off before commencing this work).
  • Keep grass, plants and other objects cleared away from the outdoor unit.
  • Clean any dust, leaves and cobwebs from the outdoor unit.  

Ducted Systems

Cleaning Filters

  1. Ensure the system is turned off.
  2. Pull down the return air grille and remove the filter (there may be more than 1).
  3. Take the filter(s) outside and hose the filter material thoroughly. (Replace the filters if they are in poor condition, see below). 
  4. Leave the filters out to completely dry before putting them back in the grille.

Note: If filters are worn, torn and beyond cleaning they require replacing. Bring your filter(s) to us and our team will replace the filter material for you! 

1x Filter Replacement = $30.00         

2x Filter Replacements = $50.00 

Other Maintenance / Checks You Can Do

  • Check the duct work to ensure that all ducts are attached securely and there are no holes present.
  • Keep grass, plants and other objects cleared away from the outdoor unit.
  • Clean dust, leaves and cobwebs away from the outdoor unit. 
  • Clean the return air grille and outlets to eliminate any dirt, marks or grime.

Get A Professional Serivce!

It is recommended to get a service completed by a qualified air-conditioning technician every year!

We Offer Regular Maintenance!

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Have peace of mind knowing the team at TCA Cooling & Heating will look after your cooling / heating system!

Pick a duration of your choice or choose from monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, yearly or every 2 years. If you don’t know how often you should get your system serviced, leave that to us and we will recommend a suitable duration! 

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